Floor Marking Tape Color Standards

Although it is not a legal requirement to follow any particular color standard when using floor marking tape, it is highly advised to create consistency across the industry and reduce potential confusion. A set of standardized color standards have been established by OSHA in their standard CFR 1910.144, Safety Color Code for Marking Physical Hazards,

Floor Marking Ideas for the Warehouse

When looked at from a high level, warehouses can look like a complicated mess where products are constantly coming and going with little rhyme or reason. Once you look closer, and really understand how things work, however, it is clear that a properly managed warehouse operates like a well-oiled machine. One great example of something

The Visual Workplace

Visual learning has been touted for years as one of the most effective ways that humans can learn things and, more importantly, retain the things they learn. And while it is true that visual learning abilities are not something that everyone has been gifted with, it is also true that a big, bold safety sign,

All About Floor Marking Tape

Painted or taped lines are often associated with safety (pedestrian paths, forklift and equipment paths, etc.) but they are also very useful for marking work areas, as well as locations for pallets, raw materials, finished goods, shipping areas, hazardous areas, and other static locations. Industrial floor tapes are preferred to painted lines as they are

Floor Markings for Safety

From industrial power trucks to electrical panels, industrial facilities often face a number of hazardous areas and situations. Usually filled with workers and dangerous equipment, it is important (and a legal obligation of employers) to keep a workplace a safe and risk-free environment. One method that often gets overlooked when it comes to hazard communication

Floor Tape for Workplace Organization

Lean manufacturing or 5S strategies rely heavily on visual communication to succeed. Often times this includes signs, labels, and posters, but the floor shouldn’t be overlooked! Floor tapes and shapes are a simple, cost-effective option for organization in the workplace. Floor markings can also be used to promote and communicate efficiency while streamlining processes. Promoting

Floor Marking for Warehouse Traffic

Warehouses have a lot of traffic to deal with. Whether it’s pedestrian traffic or forklift traffic, it is important to keep the warehouse floor organized and workers and pedestrians safe with a traffic pattern. There are several ways to accomplish this with floor marking, and our favorite tactics are below. Lanes:  A major contributor to