Welcome to Floor Marking Pro

Floor marking is the simple and cost-effective process of using visual cues, like lines, shapes, and floor signs, to communicate with workers and visitors in a facility. Many different types of facilities, from gymnasiums to processing plants, can be a much safer and well organized space with the use of floor marking and adding floor marking to a visual communication system can be extremely beneficial.

Manufacturing and warehousing facilities can be greatly improved by the use of industrial floor markings. Floor markings can help to make open spaces organized and relay important information, effectively resulting in a more efficient facility. They can also be used to mark of hazardous areas or to alert workers of dangerous areas, fostering a safer work environment. Floor markings can be used in a variety of applications including the following:

  • Creating lanes for pedestrians and industrial vehicles,
  • Organizational improvement,
  • Finding first aid equipment,
  • Navigation assistance, and
  • Lean & 5S methodologies.

And these are just to name a few! Floor marking tapes come in a multitude of colors and patterns, including hi-vis colors and hazard-striped tape. Floor marking shapes range from hazard triangles to corners for organization, and shapes and tapes come in a number of materials such as non-slip or reflective. They can be used in aisles of a warehouse or in front of wide-swinging doors. The creativity of and simplicity floor marking offers truly makes your options limitless.

Stick around for posts where we look at floor marking strategies for a variety of workplaces. We will look at the many topics surrounding industrial floor marking and hope to inspire you to implement or update floor marking plans in your facility! We will look at the advantages of floor tapes and shapes of floor paint, what areas could greatly benefit from floor marking, and how to create a system that results in productivity, efficiency, and a safer workplace.