Floor Tape for Workplace Organization

Lean manufacturing or 5S strategies rely heavily on visual communication to succeed. Often times this includes signs, labels, and posters, but the floor shouldn’t be overlooked! Floor tapes and shapes are a simple, cost-effective option for organization in the workplace. Floor markings can also be used to promote and communicate efficiency while streamlining processes.

Promoting an Efficient Workplace

The foundation of Lean is the elimination of waste and the improvement of efficiency in processes. Workers’ time is often wasted when searching for misplaced items, but having tools, equipment, and materials clearly marked with floor labels or their locations are clearly outlined on the floor can work to reduce that time. You can even post floor signs that are reminders of 5S or Lean initiatives.

Set up processes logically and indicate the flow as to streamline these processes and keep them running smoothly. Floor tape can be laid down that follows a production path which can improve efficiency and allow employees to better track the progress of production. Having designated and clearly marked areas for staging and storage will keep the facility more organized. When workers understand the different areas for different stages of the manufacturing process, it can reduce confusion and help to move processes along.

Floor tape and 5S

5S is an organizational strategy with visual communication at its core. Below are how you can use floor tape in the first two steps of the 5S process.

  • Sort: Creating a red tag program is often a major part of the sorting step and requires a ‘Red Tag Holding Area’ that will need to be there for days, weeks, or even a month. This area can be easily marked with red floor tape to let workers know where to store these times for the time being.
  • Set in order: This step is probably the most obvious step for using floor tape. Floor marking tape as well as shapes like corners can be used to create designated spots for tools and materials or mark off staging and holding areas.

These are just two steps to use floor marking tape in 5S, the options are virtually limitless! You can also follow the 5S color standards for floor marking to maximize effectiveness.

Implementing a floor marking strategy will result in an easier-to-understand and a more organized workplace. Floor marking may become one of the most effective visual communication strategies you use in your facility.

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